Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – Political World

Lyrics: [Verse 1] We live in a political world Love don’t have any place We’re living in times where men commit crimes And crime don’t have a face [Verse 2] We live in a political world Icicles hanging down Wedding bells ring and angels sing Clouds cover up the ground [Verse 3] We live in […]

Bob Dylan – Pretty Saro

Lyrics: Down in some lone valley In a sad lonesome place Where the wild birds do all Their notes to increase Farewell pretty Saro I bid you Adieu But I dream of pretty Saro Wherever I go Well my love she won’t have me So I understand She wants a freeholder Who owns a house […]

Most of the Time

Lyrics: [Verse 1] Most of the time I’m clear focused all around Most of the time I can keep both feet on the ground I can follow the path, I can read the signs Stay right with it when the road unwinds I can handle whatever I stumble upon I don’t even notice she gone […]

Bob Dylan – Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My Love)

Lyrics: [Verse 1] Well, I had to move fast And I couldn’t with you around my neck I said I’d send for you and I did What did you expect? My hands are sweating And we haven’t even started yet I’ll go along with the charade Until I can think my way out I know […]

Bob Dylan – When the Deal Goes Down (Video)

Lyrics: [Verse 1] In the still of the night, in the world’s ancient light Where wisdom grows up in strife My bewildering brain, toils in vain Through the darkness on the pathways of life Each invisible prayer is like a cloud in the air Tomorrow keeps turning around We live and we die, we know not […]

Bob Dylan – Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) (Mark Ronson Remix (video))

Lyrics: You say ya’ love me And you’re thinkin’ of me But ya’ know you could be wrong You say you told me That you wanta’ hold me But ya’ know you’re not that strong I just can’t do what I done before I just can’t beg you anymore I’m gonna let you pass And […]

Bob Dylan – Blood In My Eyes

Lyrics: [Verse 1] Woke up this morning, feeling blue Seen a good-looking girl, can I make love with you? Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you I got blood in my eyes for you, babe I don’t care what in […]

Bob Dylan – Series Of Dreams

Lyrics: [Verse 1] I was thinking of a series of dreams Where nothing comes up to the top Everything stays down where it’s wounded And comes to a permanent stop Wasn’t thinking of anything specific Like in a dream, when someone wakes up and screams Nothing too very scientific Just thinking of a series of […]

Bob Dylan – Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ (Explicit Video)

Lyrics: [Verse 1] Oh, well, I love ya pretty baby You’re the only love I’ve ever known Just as long as you stay with me The whole world is my throne [Refrain] Beyond here lies nothin Nothin we can call our own [Verse 2] Well, I’m moving after midnight Down boulevards of broken cars Don’t […]

Bob Dylan – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Music Video)

Lyrics: [Verse 1] You must leave now Take what you need, you think will last But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast Yonder stands your orphan with his gun Crying like a fire in the sun [Chorus] Look out, the saints are coming through And it’s all over now, Baby Blue […]