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Creedence Clearwater Revival: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Creedence Clearwater Revival Lookin’ Out My Back Door Cosmo’s Factory Lyrics: Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy! Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch. Imagination sets in, pretty soon I’m singin’, CHORUS: Doo, doo, doo, Lookin’ out my back door. There’s a giant doing cartwheels, a statue […]
CCR- Keep on Chooglin’

CCR- Keep on Chooglin’

Awesome song from CCR. Lyrics: Chorus: Keep on chooglin Keep on chooglin Keep on chooglin Chooglin, Chooglin. Maybe you dont understand it. But if youre a natural man, You got to ball and have a good time And thats what I call chooglin. Here comes mary lookin for harry, She gonna choogle tonight. Here comes […]

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Born On The Bayou

Lyrics – Now, when I was just a little boy, Standin’ to my Daddy’s knee, My poppa said, “;Son, don’t let the man get you Do what he done to me.”; ‘Cause he’ll get you, ‘Cause he’ll get you now, now. And I can remember the fourth of July, Runnin’ through the backwood, bare. And […]
CCR – Green River

CCR – Green River

I used Pans People’s Green River video with the dancing girls, but I fixed the audio, included the whole song, and added some clips of Fogerty singing at certain points in the song. Wonder what I’m working on for future videos? Would you like to make suggestions about videos? Visit my linked web site at […]
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Green River Lyrics: I see the bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin’. I see bad times today. CHORUS: Don’t go around tonight, Well, it’s bound to take your life, There’s a bad moon on the rise. I hear hurricanes ablowing. I […]

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who’ll Stop The Rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival Who’ll Stop The Rain Cosmo’s Factory Lyrics: [Verse 1: Creedence Clearwater Revival] Long as I remember, the rain been coming down Clouds of mystery pouring, confusion on the ground Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun [Chorus: Creedence Clearwater Revival] And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the […]