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Aerosmith – Amazing

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Aerosmith – Angel

Aerosmith – Angel

Lyrics: [Verse 1] I’m alone Yeah, I don’t know if I can face the night I’m in tears, and the cryin’ that I do is for you I want your love – let’s break the walls between us Don’t make it tough – I’ll put away my pride Enough’s enough, I’ve suffered and I’ve seen […]

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion (Live)

Lyrics: [Intro] [Chorus] Sweet emotion Sweet emotion [Verse 1] Talk about things that nobody cares Wearing other things that nobody wears You’re calling my name but I got to make clear I can’t say baby where I’ll be in a year Some sweat hot mama with a face like a gent Said my get up […]

Aerosmith – Crazy

Lyrics: [Intro: Steven Tyler] Come here, baby You know you drive me up a wall? The way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull Seems like we’re makin’ up more than we’re makin’ love And it always seems you got somethin’ on your mind other than me Girl, you got to change […]

Aerosmith – Cryin’

Lyrics: [Verse 1] There was a time When I was so broken hearted Love wasn’t much of a friend of mine The tables have turned, yeah Cause me and them ways have parted That kind of love was the killin’ kind Now listen All I want is someone I can’t resist I know all I […]

Aerosmith – Hole In My Soul

Lyrics: [Verse] I’m down a one way street With a one night stand With a one track mind Out in no man’s land The punishment sometimes Don’t seem to fit the crime Yeah there’s a hole in my soul But one thing I learned For every love letter written Is another one burned So you […]