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BEST OF 2017 | Dirt Bike crashes and funny moments!

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The BEST Racing So Far This Year!! INTENSE BATTLES!

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Red Bull Knock Out 2018 | Full Replay

►Discover how Robbie Maddison goes to Red Bull Knock Out on water: ►Watch Manni Lettenbichler WESS Season Recap In summer, the beach at Scheveningen in The Hague, Netherlands is a heaven for beach volleyball, kiting and sandcastle-building contests. As winter arrives however and frigid winds blow in across the North Sea, it becomes […]

Unadilla JDay Sprint Enduro 2018

Tom, Adam and I made it out to the 2018 J-Day Sprint Enduro at Unadilla. Perfect conditions + flowy trails = epic times. FOLLOW ZA1! Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – SEND MAIL! ZACHATK1 PO Box 332 POMPEY NY 13138

You’re Going UP THAT!?

It’s steep. It’s hard. It’s more scary than fun. It is Zach’s…… trail. Get your head out of the gutter! 🙂 Hey so I’m trying out this new YouTube “Premiere” thing. I think it would work better premiering every Friday evening, rather than earlier on Friday when I normally upload. Cozy up, grab some popcorn […]

I CAN’T Get it Up | Westoberfest 2018 P1

It was slippery at Westoberfest 2018. More fun on the way! ————————————————————————————————— WEBSITE – STICKERS: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – SEND MAIL TO: ZACHATK1 PO Box 332 POMPEY NY 13138

Almost top 10 on the Double D Powersports XR650L

Brought to you by: My camera was turned on but not recording at the start. I tried it again around mile 8 or 9 just in time to get my crash. After the crash I skip to the beginning of lap two and that is what you see here. Anyone who […]

Almost top 20 on the Double D Powersports XR650L

I took the XR out to the Hog Waller Mug Bog property to race round 3 of the FTR HS series. What you see here is the first lap, then a cut to the 3rd lap where I pit, and reel in my competitor and have a little close racing for a few minutes until […]

Hixpania 2018 – Campoo X-treme – Mario Roman 74

Not that it was home but it was definitely one of the best track I have ever ridden. I was lucky to be in lead in the second day as well but it doesn’t felt any less fun at all. Struggle, endurance and physical condition of mine made me the leader of the 2nd day. […]

Peace River Harescramble. 30+ on a Sherco 300 SE-R Factory

I got 3rd in 30+ today and 8th overall. There were over 30 A riders too pass so theres some good action on this first lap. The sherco was borrowed from a friend and is not set up for me. All I did was move the levers a bit.