Suzi Quatro

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Suzi Quatro – I Wanna Be Free

I uploaded this 7″ b-side on to my computer. Apologies for the crackles and bits – not a bad sound considering I was playing this nearly all day every day when I first heard it and I was about 8 years old and addicted to toffee – so you can imagine…. This song is so […]

Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman Stumblin’in remake

Nasze emocje, ich wykonanie 🙂 Anna Bielecka jako Suzi Quatro Magdalena Bielecka jako Chris Norman troszke o nas : Dziękujemy wszystkim, dzięki którym powstał ten teledysk !


From the great album If you knew Suzi This one is for you Gordie :)))

Suzi Quatro Kiss me goodbye

From the album Oh- Suzi Q This album holds some of Suzi’s best work and it’s a must for all Suzi fans. The album itself went nowhere and was highly underrated and had no or very little promotion. Too bad this album Rocks……………….

Suzi Quatro Glycerine Queen

From the first album Suzi Quatro in 1973

Suzi Quatro – Lipstick

TV Studio Performance 1981. Billboard Top 100 Songs of 1981 No 51