Smokie – Oh Carol (Sofia 1983) (VOD)

Smokies singt ‘Oh Carol’ in Sofia in 1983
Hier gibt’s das Album ‘Gold: Smokie Greatest Hits’:

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Smokie auf Social Media:
Well, I was out cruisin’, gettin’ late
And I was losin’ when I saw you walkin’ my way
So nonchalant I bet you get what you want
But so do I and I ain’t losing’ today
Well your hips were swinging
And your jeans were clinging
You were driving me out of my mind
On a hot afternoon when there’s nothin’ to do
You’re not the sort of thing a fellow should find
So I pulled on over, you tossed your hair off your shoulder
As you turned and looked my way
Oh you would have died or you’d have skinned me alive
If I’d said what I wanted to say
So, being polite, said “What you doin’ tonight?”
You said “Just so happens I’m free.”
You got all the right curves and all the right words

And that’s alright by me.
Oh, Carol, you got me eatin’ my heart away
You got me countin’ my nights and days
Oh, I’m floating on the Milky Way
Oh, Carol, nobody’s done it before
Oh, baby, you’ve opened the door
Oh, Carol, you can do it some more

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