Most BIZARRE Discoveries Found In Drained Water!

Check out the most bizarre discoveries found in drained water! These strange and weird unexplained things found in drained water bodies are absolutely mysterious!

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10. Echo Park Lake, California
Municipalities often have to drain bodies of water to clean them out to ensure they drain properly, and that’s exactly what happened to Echo Park Lake in 2011. It turns out the site had become a favorite place for people to hide things, and officials were surprised to find the wide range of objects that were found in the 29 acre lake.
The $65 million project to revitalise the area found 20 park trash cans, 36 construction cones, 7 shopping carts, 3 stereos, 6 skateboards and a pay telephone. Ominously they also found 2 hand guns, which were sent off for testing to see if they had been involved in any crimes, and one parking enforcement boot. Most bizarre of all were two model boats that couldn’t cope with the calm waters of the lake and, for some reason, an entire toilet.

9. Tempe Town Lake
Tempe Town Lake was created in 1999 after a section of the dry riverbed of the Salt River that passed through Tempe, Arizona was chosen to be the site of a large body of water to help improve the water quality available to local residents and businesses. It opened to the public on November 7 of that year, and soon became a local hotspot for art installations and sports activities. Initially the lake was built by using rubber barriers to keep water in the area, but this turned out to be an unreliable design, so the city decided to drain the lake to upgrade it. The process of replacing the rubber barriers with a steel-gate dam meant that all the water had to be removed, and some dark secrets of the area were revealed.
Among the usual trash that had accumulated in the waters, such as bottles, tires and huge amounts of plastic- officials also found a number of weapons. A knife, three pistols and part of another gun were all found in the mud and it looked like someone had been trying to destroy the evidence. On further investigation it turned out that one of the guns had been stolen, and there were suspicions that they had all been used in crimes since the lake had opened. Unfortunately the weapons had decayed too much to gain any definitive evidence, but it just goes to show that despite how sure you might be that a lake bed is the perfect place to hide incriminating evidence, there’s always a chance that it might be found.

8. Canal Saint-Martin, Paris
The Canal Saint-Martin is one of the iconic waterways that flows through the 10th arrondissement in Paris, but with increasing visitors to the area comes a higher volume of trash. To combat this in 2016, a $11 million dollar project began to drain 90,000 cubic metres of water from the canal, and the objects that were subsequently found surprised everyone!
After three months the water levels had reduced to just 50 centimetres, which allowed workers to relocate 4.5 tonnes of wildlife, and then the remaining water was removed. Cleaning crews were finally allowed to start work, and they removed; countless bikes, hundred of chairs, a motorbike, supermarket trolleys, a fire extinguisher, dustbins, street signs, umbrellas, suitcases, and a handgun.
While this may seem like quite a haul, officials were relieved at what they had found. This was the first time the canal had been drained for 15 years, and the last time they had found two 75mm shells from the first world war, gold coins, and at least 4 different safes. It’s always a surprise!

7. Castaic Lake, LA
After 4 dry years in California, the waters started receding in the local lakes, and all sorts of treasures were revealed. The national park service started issuing permits for people to visit a sunken B-52 bomber in Lake Mead near the Hoover dam, but it was the nearby Castaic Lake that revealed something unusual.
So the story goes- in 1992 a federal agent was out boating with a friend. He had put all of his belongings in a backpack, which fell overboard and was lost to the murky depths. When the water level dropped, though, a fisherman found the partially decayed bag- and inside was the agent’s’ badge, a calendar, an old newspaper, and his handgun. Amazingly, local police were able to track down the agent after the discovery, and return the items to him- apart from the gun that had rusted away and was disposed of in the appropriate manner. Which, I don’t really know what that means.

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