Heard It In A Love Song by The Marshall Tucker Band (from Carolina Dreams)

From the album Carolina Dreams by The Marshall Tucker Band in 1977. Songs written by Toy Caldwell except I Should Have Never Started Lovin’ You by George McCorkle, Tommy Caldwell, and Doug Gray; Life In A Song by George McCorkle and Jerry Eubanks; Never Trust A Stranger by Tommy Caldwell; and Silverado by George McCorkle.

Silverado recorded 1981 at Winter Garden Theater Dallas, TX

1. Fly Like An Eagle
2. Heard It In A Love Song
3. I Should Have Never Started Lovin’ You
4. Life In A Song
5. Desert Skies
6. Never Trust A Stranger
7. Tell It To The Devil
Bonus Track
8. Silverado (Live)

Toy Caldwell-Lead guitar, slide guitar, accoustic guitar

George McCorkle-rhythm guitar, acoustic, twelve string

Tommy Caldwell-bass

Jerry Eubanks-flute and saxophone

Doug Gray-lead vocals

Paul Riddle-drums

Charile Daniels-fiddle
Paul Hornsby-keyboards
Chuck Leavell-piano on Life In A Song
Leo LaBranche-horn arrangements
Dezso Lakatos-tenor sax as part of the horn section

*Note from Ltrainxpress* I do not claim anything by the Marshall Tucker Band I simply want to spread their great music to everyone

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