Grace VanderWaal covers the Turtles’ ‘Elenore’, Railbird Festival, Lexington, KY, 2019-08-10

Grace VanderWaal performed on the Elkhorn Stage at the Railbird Festival in Lexington KY. She was a ball of energy and fun, holding her audience in the palm of her hand.

Apart from her new music and a few older favorites she performed two covers we haven’t heard before, plus Billy Joel’s Vienna that she first sang on Wednesday this week at the introduction of “Waste my Time”. And she even suggested we might not like it when she sings covers. Silly girl! There is no song so good that it can’t be made better by being sung by Grace!

One of these new covers was “Elenore” by the Turtles. Not that obscure to my generation, but apparently very much so to Grace’s.

The fun she’s having performing it is contagious.
Oh, and the style she chose for her performance… Oh là là!

Sorry for the shakes and the sometimes bad framing. I very much tried to enjoy her performance which sometimes interferes with handling of the camera.
So, yeah, I finally got to see Grace live for the first time. But certainly not for the last.

I may have some some improvement on the shakes when I’m home and have all my tools and speedy internet again.


Grace goes on Tour! This concert was the first; many more are to come through to Sep. 21, and a bonus festival appearance on Nov. 24; details on her website:

Grab this opportunity to see Grace live! She is phenomenal on stage.
And now that you know how awesome Grace’s music is: buy it, stream it, scream it from the treetops!

Grace’s social media:


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