Debut performance of “The Little Miracles” East Ramapo School District

When I won AGT I knew I wanted to do good with the money. One of the things that is very close to my heart is music and it is so hard to believe that close to 1.5 million schools have NO MUSIC in their schools!!!! That is mind boggling to me. What is more crazy is that I live next to a district that is part of that statistic.

East Ramapo School district has been without music and art for many many years so it only seemed fitting that I begin first with ERSD. I met with Senator Carlucci and the Superintendent of ERSD Dr Deborah Wortham. It turns out Dr. Wortham’s dream was to have a show choir in the district! So with Senator Carlucci’s help we made that dream a reality. I was so lucky to have partners like Fender who donated Ukuleles, Guitars and Amps. Sure donated microphones, It was so amazing to see everyone come together to help these kids have this special moment and begin a musical journey.

Monday, January 22, 2018 was the first ever performance of the Little Miracles and WOW were these kids amazing. Musical Director, Mike Smith did an amazing job teaching these kids songs, dance moves and even playing trumpet with the band!!!! Thank you so much Mr. Smith ❤️

My dream is to have Little Miracle show choirs in schools across the country that are deprived of music. We will put music back into schools one school at a time!

The fact is that every kid should have the same privilege I have had – being in choir, learning an instrument, being in marching band. This should not be an option it just should be.

Soon I will have more information on my website about how you can help the Little Miracles grow. More info to come ?❤️

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