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  • 3 years, 6 months ago
  • One more issue I noticed today, sad to find this one but it is the nature of on-line videos. I noticed many and I mean many videos are no longer available due to copyright infringement. It appears to be all of the TV series and movies I found on YouTube. I had 8 seasons of the Andy Griffith show, the three stooges (a butt load of videos), Hogans…Read More

  • We have an issue with videos from one particular You-tuber that gets posted about one or two every week, automatically. I don’t know yet how these videos are getting posted to the site but we need to figure it out. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I’d actually like to have a bunch of videos posting in all categories but I’d like to know and con…Read More

  • Found the Submit Video Button is defective. Instead of bringing up the submit form it only brings up a small blank banner. I think this got corrupted when I had the VideoPro update issue two weeks ago. I haven’t found out where it’s corrupted yet so this issue is still open.

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