Fail Olympics || “FAIL-YMPICS” by FailArmy 2016

We’ve been waiting for this moment for the last four years!!! There’s no better way to prepare for the olympics than watching a bunch of olympic sport fails. Who knew running around a track, jumping onto sand or swinging a ping pong paddle could get so dangerous. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to submit your own fail at

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Original Links:
Cyclocross Racer Trips and Flies Head over Heels
Gymnastics Girl Slips and Falls off Balance Beam
Pole Vaulter Breaks Pole
Kayaker Faceplants from Cliff to Water
Girl’s Track Hurdle Steeplechase Fail
Skier Flails Uncontrollably after Jump
Javelin Thrower Falls
Two Cyclists mess during Indoor Race
Guy Smashes Nuts on Hurdle
Guy Attempts Double Flip off High Dive
Two Girls Attempt Diving Board Flips
Girl in Bikini Swims into Pool Wall
Bald Guy Tries to Jump from Trampoline to Pool
Weightlifter Falls while Deadlifting
Guy Breaks Two Hammer Throw Weights
Gymnastics Multiple Backflip Fail
Football Practice Freestyling Fail
Guy Fails Jumping off Trash Can into Pool
Playground Soccer Ball Ricochets into Guy’s Face
Volleyball Spike head fail
Kid Backflips into Wood Railing
Jumping Horse Stops Suddenly and Rider Flies Off
Man Hits Girlfriend with Ping Pong Ball
Little Boy Takes Soccer Ball to Face
Awesome Pommel Horse Fail
Weightlifting Vomit Incident
Double Flip off Diving Board Ends in Belly Flop
Girl Falls While Trying To Climb On Horse
Ping Pong Ball Meets Face
Guy Tries to Show off High Bar Tricks
Tennis Lesson Ends in Nutshot
Ping Pong Match Gets Intense
Hammer Throw Fail
Skier Fails to Get Air on Aerial Water Ramp
Equestrian Horse Hesitates and Sends Rider to Ground
Girl Can’t Tumble
Soccer Kick Ricochet Hits Goalie In Face
Runner Smashes Nuts into Pole

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