Hi, I’m Red, the creator of this website. I like watching videos on the various sites around the web. One day I decided that rather than fumble around with playlists, channels and the likes on 6 different websites that I’d be better off just creating my own site and importing all my favorite topics into it. Plus none of the sites have all the information I want available so I end up googling stuff to get more information. So that’s what this site is intended to focus on. Having all the things I like to occupy my time with and sharing it with you all.

I write most of the content on the site, or re-write it in some cases. I would really like this to be a social site where people could come watch some cool video’s, listen to some tunes, laugh a bit, or cry a bit if that’s your thing. Feel free to post any ‘appropriate’ video’s you wish. If you have info on one of the artists, bands, actors, etc. share that as well and I will add it to the content.

I have already added a forum and welcome all to use and enjoy it. I will be adding to it sometime soon. I just have so much left to do to get this site where I want it so some things have to take a temporary back burner. Quality content takes precedence. I will also be adding trivia and contests as well in the near future. I have spent countless hundreds of hours building this site already and I pretty much still work on it full time. I have been an electronics engineer for over thirty years and my mind never shuts down so I really enjoy working on this site to relax. Sometimes it weighs on me though, like this 4020 word biography I wrote today. Burnt out after that one. (Well I had written a dozen or so shorter bio’s before it). And here I am writing up an about page after a grueling 16 hour typing sprint. Well, I just realized the about page wasn’t published yet so I felt compelled to put something out there.

If you have a category you would like added just use the contact us form and ask. I will approve most things but please don’t request or submit questionable material. I’m pretty sure we all know the boundaries. If it contains sexually explicit, racial, hate and the like don’t bother, it has no place on this site. Everything else is fair game. I have added categories for pool and darts and the plan there is to add local league information as well. If anyone would like to volunteer some time I could always use some extra hands to help maintain the site and add content. I should add that being an engineer I haven’t got a lick of creativity in my bones. If you do then please suggest away, or better yet become a designer on this website. It’s real easy, just go to the contact us page and ask. Boom, done. OK, time to get some work done. And remember this, most of all I hope you enjoy the site.




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